Visual FX

Sometimes regular video editing can’t show all realities.
In those cases you need some visual FX.

Below are some virtual worlds I’ve build.


2013 – Art Installation – Trailer and Edit (45 min)
Commissioned by the, Antwerp based, art collective lAmpekAp I made the full edit and trailer of their art piece Fresco.
The full piece (45 min) isn’t available online.
But for more info you can watch this interview:, broadcasted on Belgian National TV.
Or the making of:

Peer Pressure

2015 – Green screen project
Result of a time limited project. We got exactly 1 week to create a short movie. The subject: Art theft in Antwerp during the second World War.

1717 - Voyage a Cythere

2014 – Animation
Animation made for the 350 year aniversary of the Antwerp Royal Academy of Arts. Every student got one of the 350 years and some local & international references of that year to get inspired by.

A Journey Through The City

2014 – Experimental piece
With camera movement where there actually is none.