Hi, I’m a video editor, visual storyteller, motion and still graphics designer based in Lier (near Antwerp) – Belgium.

Below you’ll find a showreel I made a few years ago a lot of my work from the past years. Below you will find a few of these short movies in full.

Currently I’m working on an epic Sci-Fi short animation film, but more about that later. It’s a long description and that is just why this is taking longer than expected.

About me

I’m mostly known by my full name: Philippe Van Beeumen. Or you can just call me Beum. … or whatever variant you throw at me.

I have a degree in computer programming, studied Advertising & Graphic Design at Sint-Lucas: School of Arts in Antwerp and am currently following Film- and Video Art at the Royal Academy of Antwerp.

Beside that I also love photography, boardgames and do some VJ’ing from time to time.
Yes, as a true nerd or geek, there has to be something off.
I recently also got into 3D animation and having a blast with it. So expect some cool 3D stuff flying in at the very near future.

This site currently presents some of my work. In the future I hope I will find the time to add thoughts, idea’s and inspiration I find online. Most of the content is written, filmed or designed by myself. Some inspirational content will be linked to the original writer, so please treat my work in the same way.

For more information about my work or to hire me to participate in your next project, you can send me an e-mail at or through social media.

You can also follow me on twitter and Instagram using @appelbeum
Not a Twitter or Instagram person? Other social options can be found on the bottom of this page.

Self initiated work

A few experimental, animation and live action short films I made during the last years.

Commissioned work

Some commissioned work. Video’s I participated in or did myself over the course of the last years. It’s just a small selection, there is more but some of it is private or still work in progress.

Latest music video for Jon Doe One
Official Rock Werchter 2015 after movie
Trailer for the video installation Fresco. Idea and production by LAmpekAp vzw. I did the composition, FX and edit for this piece.


If you want to check out more and be updated immediately when something new arrives, you can always check my Instagram or twitter feed. Search for @appelbeum.